Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia ****

Hidden away on the edge of the iconic bay of Santa Giulia, this hotel in Southern Corsica is an invitation to relaxation and the carefree passage of time. 


Hotel in Santa Giulia

Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia ****

At the heart of an unspoilt Corsica, this establishment emerges like a refuge of tranquillity. A well-kept secret that lovers in pursuit of tranquillity and peaceful friendships choose year after year to let themselves go. A subtle balance between delicate luxury and the sweetness of nature. It is here, between the olive trees, maritime pines, rockroses and waters in all their shades of blue that this modern canvas is revealed, sparkling in the contrast of blue and green.


Beyond the atmosphere that gives this hotel in Santa Giulia its oh-so-special character, the treasures hidden within its walls promise you unforgettable adventures in the land of Corsica.

With its exceptional location, you'll be as close to the shore as you can get as you walk barefoot on the soft sands of Santa Giulia and allow yourself to be captivated by the sun's luminous ballet as it plays upon the clear, shallow water. With unparalleled clarity, these waters reveal the sea's shades of silver and gold, creating a hypnotic spectacle.

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The rooms of the hotel in Santa Giulia

In Southern Corsica, this hotel in Santa Giulia opens the doors to a world where each room is a window to its surrounding beauty. Wake up facing the Mediterranean, admiring the horizon from these apartments with sea view. And if you prefer lush tranquillity, rooms opening out onto the garden of olive trees offer you a glimpse of a trip where serenity and freshness come together in a perfect marriage. Or, for a more authentic touch, opt for our maquis-view rooms and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the Isle of Beauty, between dense vegetation and bewitching aromas.

Upon your arrival, a range of organic products await you. Each reflects a real concern for well-being and ecology. These have been specially designed to take care of you, while perfectly integrating with the exceptional environment of Santa Giulia.


The rooms of this hotel in Santa Giulia contain another surprise for you: the intimacy of terraces equipped with an outdoor lounge for your moments of relaxation. Imagine enjoying your breakfast to the sound of birdsong or admiring the stars at nightfall.

The perfect place to fully savour your mornings and evenings. Everything has been put in place to ensure that your stay in this intimate hotel is a pleasant break, bringing together luxury, relaxation and natural immersion beside one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Santa Giulia.

The services of this hotel in Santa Giulia

An elegant break

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In this Porto-Vecchio hotel in Santa Giulia, every detail of your stay has been designed to offer you an experience where the sweetness of life is at the heart of Marie's concerns.
Heated pool
Exclusively for hotel guests, the heated pool offers you a moment of absolute relaxation. Immerse yourself in absolute tranquillity, as gentle waters surround you – no matter the weather – plunging you into a haven of peace.
Every morning, awaken your senses with a luxury breakfast: selection of Corsican charcuterie and cheeses, as well as our jams, pastries, cereals, fresh fruits and various other dishes prepared with love. Local products and platters of finely chopped fresh fruits take pride of place for your greatest pleasure.
Cocktail bar
As the day progresses, the cocktail bar offers hotel guests the opportunity to discover a world of delicacies. Our expert bartenders bring together local ingredients with exotic flavours to create cocktails transformed into veritable refreshing masterpieces.

Near the hotel in Santa Giulia

Just a few minutes by car from this rare pearl, you'll be able to enjoy strolling through the cobbled streets of Porto-Vecchio, where every stone tells a story and the fortifications stand as witnesses to bygone eras.

And what about Bonifacio, this sparkling medieval jewel overlooking the infinite sea? With its vibrant port and its limestone cliffs that watch guard over the city, it offers you breath-taking panoramas, adding a dreamy chapter to your getaway. Choosing the Hotel Alivi in Santa Giulia means embracing a truly unique experience. It's not just a room you'll be booking, but a real sensory journey!

Let yourself be rocked to sleep by the melodic singing of birds, with the sweetness of the hotel's incredible views over a world-renowned bay, as the Mediterranean sun caresses your face in the soft light of dawn, creating memories of a getaway where tranquillity reigns supreme.


Santa Giulia beach, often referred to as the pearl of Southern Corsica, is an invitation to dream. Its stretches of golden sand melt into incredibly clear, blue waters.

Just a few steps from the shore, the sun's rays draw out luminous patterns like strokes of gold on the sea bed. And the spectacle doesn't end there.

Beyond these crystal-clear waters, the beach reveals itself as the stage of both free and paid aquatic games. The rugged cliffs of the south silently watch over this treasure, offering a majestic contrast between the soft murmur of the waves and the abundance of a myrtle-infused maquis. Put simply, Santa Giulia is a journey through the wonders of Southern Corsica.

The pearl of the South

Santa Giulia, but that's not all …

Not far from here, Porto-Vecchio, often known as the "City of Salt" attracts visitors with its salt marshes and its old port bordered by little restaurants where chefs compete in talent and ingenuity to satisfy your taste-buds. Its fortifications, winding roads and lively squares make this city an unmissable destination for your stay in Corsica. A little further south, Bonifacio proudly presents itself on impressive cliffs, inviting you to another day of relaxation.

And inland Corsica has just as much to offer. Hiking fans will adore the paths of the Alta Rocca, where dense forests stretch out beside mountainous peaks and traditional villages. And for history buffs, the Cauria Menhirs or the prehistoric site of Filitosa are fascinating witnesses of the island's ancient history.

By staying at this hotel in Santa Giulia, you'll find yourself at the heart of this authentic and varied Southern Corsica.

Whether you want to explore the island's hidden treasures or devote yourself to the joy of water sports, everything is within reach. Take advantage of this immersion in the heart of a region that has retained its oh-so-special character and natural beauty.

Where the maquis meets the sea

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