4-star hotel in Porto-Vecchio

In the 4-star hotel in Porto-Vecchio, every last detail is a promise of excellence. From peaceful opulence and artful hospitality, Alivi di Santa Giulia offers a range of services to satisfy your every need. 


Hotel with pool near Porto-Vecchio

Let yourself be enchanted by the pool at this hotel not far from Porto-Vecchio. A sparkling pearl bathed in a secret garden where nature seems to offer up its most beautiful gems. Embraced by luscious and perfumed vegetation, this pool evokes a journey to a world of tranquillity and enchantment.

From this sanctuary, immerse your soul in the splendour of the bay of Santa Giulia and, on the horizon, let yourself be seduced by the gentle silhouette of Sardinia. The sun's golden reflections waltzing on the water, the sweet melodies whispered by the wind: here, everything comes together to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and magic. Escape the hustle and bustle of the world and submerge yourself in a haven of peace, after discovering all the secret wonders of this island.

Azure tranquillity

Hotel with breakfast

At the heart of the Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia, sunrises reveal themselves like an invitation to an exquisite ballet of the flavours. As the Mediterranean embraces Corsica, we present a breakfast imagined as a celebration of good food to kick off each day with veritable enchantment. Imagine the delicate crackle of still-warm pastries, revealing their soft centre.

Let yourself be seduced by Corsican charcuterie, selected with love from the most renowned artisans on the island. Make your taste-buds come to life with local cheeses, some gentle as a caress, others bold and robust, harmoniously complemented by our artisanal jams.

For those who prefer something hot, our eggs – made specially for you – combine with a range of cereals, generous yoghurts and sun-soaked fruits. As you savour your meal, offer yourself a moment of true wonder looking out over the bay of Santa Giulia.

Let the spectacle of azure, golden and rosy hues carry you away, subtly changing with each ray of sun. This breakfast is a timeless journey for the soul and the senses. Awaken with grace, by one of the most enchanting beaches on earth.

Morning embrace

Bar near Porto-Vecchio

Imagine this magical moment as the setting sun tenderly embraces Sardinia, illuminating the sky with a golden halo. The light sparkling on the bay of Santa Giulia begins to dance, playing on the reflections of these calm waters. It is at this exact moment that the Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia reveals the jewel of Porto-Vecchio: a cocktail bar imbued with elegance and mystery. Lost between the gentle shadows and the murmur of musical notes in the background, this place envelops you in all its intimate charm.

Our master mixers, passionate bartenders, create divine potions in a harmonious marriage between rich Corsican tradition and innovating touches. Each cocktail, concocted with care, is an ode to adventure: a celebration of the pure flavours of Corsica, of its aromatic herbs and its invigorating citrus fruits, subtly fused with exotic notes from distant lands.

And to perfect this scene, the lush setting that surrounds this bar is adorned with century-old olive trees and perfumed with the bewitching flavours of the garden under the veil of nightfall. This haven of peace invites you to a journey of the senses in which each moment and each sip is a caress for the soul, a timeless stopover, mixing grace and joy.

A cocktail of rejuvenation

A personalised welcome at the Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia

As soon as you step foot in the Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia, let yourself be enveloped by the magic of a divine experience, in which every moment has been specially sculpted for you. Each and every traveller is a world unto themselves, with their own unique dreams and aspirations.

It is with this in mind that we have imagined a reception to suit you. The passionate teams of this hotel remain at your disposal, ready to plunge into the depths of your desires to embellish every moment of your time here.

Whether it's a restaurant suggestion, an adventure in the heart of the maquis or an outing along the region's secret shores, we'll be at your side, guiding you every step of the way.

Everything – from the delicate surprise that awaits you in your room, to the pearls of wisdom offered about the region – has been orchestrated to make you feel not only welcomed, but elevated, in a world where dreams become reality. Because the ultimate luxury is the innate talent of this hotel to take on your desires, to constantly amaze and to create memories that last a lifetime.

Sublime & Silence

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