Hotel in Southern Corsica

At the heart of the island's wonders, this hotel in Southern Corsica – Alivi di Santa Giulia – is an ode to Mediterranean sweetness.

& Maquis

Hotel in Southern Corsica

Here, two 30 m² rooms present themselves to travelling souls seeking a haven in which each moment is doused in serenity. Far from the hustle and bustle of the world, luxury whispers in your ear in this preserved and gentle silence, even with summer in full swing.

These sanctuaries of well-being reveal themselves with a comfort in which every last detail, from the choice of materials to the poetic layout has been passionately designed. In this rooms, timeless elegance embraces the magic charm of Corsica.

The Eden of Style

By Alivi

King-size bed
In the centre of each apartment stands a majestic king-size bed, the promise of a dreamy night's sleep. The bedding, carefully chosen from the most prestigious brands, ensures peaceful nights. And because every traveller is unique, this hotel in Porto-Vecchio offers you the flexibility of twin beds or the addition of a cradle for the little ones.
Bathroom with Italian shower
Succumb to the magic of Italian showers in this boutique hotel, the reflection of a timeless elegance. Combining contemporary design and functionality, our bathrooms are completed with separate toilets, guaranteeing total intimacy.
Every detail bears witness to Marie's absolute perfectionism: a mini-bar full of delights, a safe for your most precious treasures and a large dressing room are all at your disposal. Whether you're looking for the fresh sea breeze or the heat of the winter sun, reversible air-conditioning will ensure your well-being. And to keep you connected to the world, we also offer free and fast Wi-Fi.
Large terrace with outdoor lounge
Imagine opening the doors of your room onto a spacious terrace, where an elegant lounge awaits you. Between breaths of sea air, lose yourself in hypnotic contemplation of the bay of Santa Giulia, a living painting offered up by the hotel as the sky fuses with the blue of the sea.
Organic welcome products
Immerse yourself in the very essence of Corsican nature. During your stay in this jewel nestled in Southern Corsica, you'll be welcomed with organic welcome products, treasures taken directly from the land and nourished by the sun. These products, gentle on the planet and your skin, will transform every moment into a communion with nature.
Pool towels
Let the sun caress your skin as you prepare to enter our heated pool, a mirror of water sparkling under the Corsican sky. And to complete this moment of pure relaxation, we provide you with soft towels, inviting you to a moment of peace at the edge of this aquatic oasis.

Seaside hotel in Southern Corsica

As soon as you open the curtains, you'll be enveloped in the stunning panoramic view of the bay of Santa Giulia as it sketches out the distant shadows of Sardinia.

Each spacious bedroom is an invitation to well-being, completed with a terrace where dawn and dusk dance on the waves. This hotel in Southern Corsica will rock you to sleep in a luxurious silence, with only the whisper of the sea to gentle awaken you.

Idyllic decor

A Southern Corsica hotel in the heart of the maquis

For those seeking communion with the Corsican spirit, these rooms reveal the maquis in all its wild and aromatic splendour. At dawn, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the intoxicating fragrance of a symphony of rockrose, myrtle and immortelle. Each and every corner of these rooms is an ode to tranquillity, while offering luxury and space. An idyllic getaway in the heart of nature, just a few steps from the magnificent Santa Giulia beach.

Naturally yours

Personalised services of the Hotel Alivi di Santa Giulia

The Alivi hotel in Southern Corsica, with its intimate character, is a real haven of peace in which each resident is considered a precious guest. Limited to ten refined rooms, Marie dedicates herself, heart and soul, to satisfying your every last need.

And if you'll be sharing your adventure with a four-legged friend, they will also be welcome upon request. This hotel seeks to meet a simple promise: to transform every stay into an exceptional moment, blending with the bewitching beauty of Corsica.

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Stay in this hotel in Southern Corsica

Embrace the sweetness of stay just a stone's throw away from the heavenly bay of Santa Giulia, a natural treasure evoking travellers' wildest dreams. Submerge yourself in a living painting where crystal-clear waters caress infinitely soft sand, creating a landscape more impressive than even the most beautiful postcards.

The proximity of this wonder invites you to intimate bathing, whether under the sweet embrace of morning or the mystical light of night, plunging you into absolute serenity. Meanwhile, those who love the sea and its spray can dedicate themselves to the pleasures of water sports – from paddleboarding to snorkelling.

And beyond its golden shores, the bay of Santa Giulia unveils horizons extending out as far as the eye can see. Whether you opt for a romantic walk along its shores or a boat trip on the sea, each perspective reveals a new wonder. At nightfall, sunsets transform into flamboyant symphonies, painting the sky and mirrored in the infinite blue.

The bay of dreams

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